Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is a time for reflection in the world sadly the serpent of evil is reeling in the souls, marriage is a waste now a 24 hour wonder, children in fear, many hungry, and cold, the horizon unfolding to the depths of hells fire.The simple little things in life are no longer cherished, its the greed of human nature, its elements on fire, a thirst on quenchable, even the blades of grass in the field,s no two are alike,so when are the going to learn the basic facts? live for two day, as this day was you're last, be kind, honour you're Father and mother, you're fellow man, don't covet you're neighbours goods, don't covet you're neighbours wife. love one another, and remember you cant take any thing with you. singed +Archbishop martin Pius Kelly. D.D.O.S.P. carlow , Ireland. 29/08/09

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